We have a long history of supporting the communities where we live and work. We care about creating opportunities for our employees to match their skills and passions with nonprofit needs and volunteer opportunities. 

Today more than ever we live in a world dependent on connection. Synaptics technology and innovation is at the core of many devices that enable connection but we know that the true connection and the lifeblood of the company is the human connection. Our employees, families, communities, and customer partnerships are the heartbeat of the company and we strive to strike a balance between our dedication to the work we do every day and to serve the communities where we thrive. I am proud to lead Synaptics through the next stage of growth and connection to the world around us.

Michael Hurlston

If we are to stay competitive as a company, then we need to build a scientifically literate citizenry and a bank of highly skilled, STEM-literate employees. Our employees invest their time in supporting efforts such as The Tech Challenge in San Jose, upgrading a school and a lake in Bangalore, India and Junior Achievement in China, providing children with the scientific knowledge to prepare them not only for future employment, but to impact our world with positive innovation, design and technology.

LiveWell@Synaptics is a comprehensive wellness program to support and encourage wellness in 4 key areas - physical fitness, nutrition, mental health and financial wellness. When all areas are nurtured and kept in tune, it positively affects our daily lives and the lives our of families. We give you the tools, time and resources you need for holistic wellness and optimum performance at work and at home.

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