Katana Low Power Edge AI

Intelligence for
Battery-powered Edge Sensors

Katana Ultra-Low Power Edge AI Platform

Synaptics’ Katana platform brings intelligence to the edge by enabling energy-efficient AI endpoint solutions that can make autonomous decisions from data collected by vision and audio sensing. It provides ultra-low power per inference in a flexible, easy to use AI platform. Katana is a highly integrated edge AI SoC designed for battery powered wireless devices equipped with audio or camera capabilities for consumer and industrial IoT applications.

Katana is optimized for a wide range of ultra-low power AI use cases in edge devices for office buildings, retail, factories, warehouses, robotics, farms and smart homes and cities. It is designed for a wide range of energy constrained IoT applications, and particularly well-suited for retrofitting, use in remote locations, outdoors and for infrastructure level deployment.

Features & Benefits

  • IoT Connectivity
    Synaptics’ Wi-Fi and Bluetooth ultra low-power connectivity solutions are the most robust in the industry. Their interoperability in IoT products have been proven over many years and millions of product deployments.
  • Open Industry-Standard Developer Tools
    Katana AI development tools allow model development and optimization within the tools. They are also compatible with industry-standard frameworks such as TensorFlow, TensorFlow Lite and others, allowing importing and optimization from those frameworks.
  • Optimized Architecture
    Katana contains a heterogenous hexa-core architecture. Each core is highly optmized for specialized tasks such as neural network image processing, audio/voice processing, control tasks and others.
  • Ultra-Low Power
    Katana has unprecedented power efficiency that is a result of the combination of heterogenous specialized cores, optimized tools and a sophisticated dynamic voltage and frequency scaling mechanism.

Eta Compute

Low Power AI Developer Tools

Eta Compute’s TENSAI Platform optimizes the implementation of Neural Networks on the Katana Edge AI processors, improving the energy per inference by an order of magnitude or more.

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