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Synaptics and WNC Partner to Bring AI Capabilities to Smart Display

Partnership leverages Synaptics’ SyNAP™ framework to quickly bring biometrics, interactive gaming, and assisted wellness to smart monitors, operator assistants, security panels, and kitchen appliances

AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands, Sept. 09, 2022 – Synaptics® Incorporated (Nasdaq: SYNA) today announced the availability of WNC’s Smart Display platform, powered by the Synaptics VS600 series processor and the Synaptics SyNAP™ development framework. The platform leverages the camera ISP, multimedia processing, display, security, and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities of the VS600 series to enable advanced features such as:

  • Biometrics, using face and voice identification
  • Interactive gaming
  • Augmented reality
  • AI-assisted wellness

“The incorporation of AI into display devices has the potential to completely change how viewers interact with these screens,” said Craig Stein, SVP and GM at Synaptics. “It shifts these devices from display-only into interactive platforms that can be used standalone to enable a new level of end-user experiences.”

The Smart Display platform comprises primarily the VS600 and Synaptics’ SyNAP development framework, along with the LCD and wireless connectivity. Its versatility addresses multiple market segments such as operator assistants, monitors, video conferencing devices, security panels, and kitchen appliances.

Synaptics’ VS680 and VS640 SoCs will be on display at IBC2022: email or contact your local Synaptics sales representative to book time at our IBC Balcony Booth BS17.

The VS600 series was first demonstrated in January 2020. Since then, it has shipped in millions of products that leverage its combination of high-end multicore CPUs, GPUs, as well as dedicated neural processing units (NPUs) that efficiently run complex machine learning (ML) inference. The SyNAP AI framework enables AI partners to quickly implement and optimize AI models to add differentiating features to their products.

For more information on the VS600 and the WNC platform, contact your local Synaptics sales representative or WNC’s sales representative.

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