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March 22, 2016
Category: Touch, Displays

The old expression “timing is everything” could very well have been predicting the future – smartphones, tablets, touchscreen computers, and cars’ instrument panels. The timing – more specifically, the synchronization – of those devices’ distinct touch and display functions plays a critical role in their speed, accuracy and overall user experience.

Because those intelligent devices incorporate both touch and display, those two... Read more

March 18, 2016
Category: CEO, Corporate

Thirty years ago, I graduated from University of Michigan with a BSEE. At the time, IBM was the leading PC company, the internet didn’t really exist and early portable phones were still about five years away. At about the same time, a tiny company was founded in San Jose committed to constant innovation around the human interface.

Thirty years is a long time... Read more

February 17, 2016
Category: Biometrics

Wealth attracts criminals like honey attracts bears.  It should come as no surprise, then, that the wealth of information and services accessed through fingerprint authentication would be “honey” to the bad guys out there, intent on using such access for illicit purposes. Among their methods is spoofing – the act of fabricating fingerprints for use on... Read more

January 11, 2016
Category: Touch


Innovation comes naturally to us at Synaptics; it’s in our DNA. Great ideas emerge, develop into concepts, and more often than not find their way into terrific consumer products. Of course, the products we bring to market must meet certain criteria: That they not only address our customers’ needs – that’s a given – but in doing so we also assure the... Read more

October 19, 2015

Synaptics Mobile Payment AuthenticationYou’re in another state attending a wedding when you realize you left the gift at home. In an effort to get a quick replacement, you stop at the local department store to get a silver chafing dish. Of course you’ve never been to this department store, you’re not in your home state,... Read more