Remote controls have tended to be practical, utilitarian devices with a well-deserved reputation for being the hardest to find when needed most. It doesn’t have to be this way in an era when users are using voice to control devices at home, on the go, in the car, or at work. Enabled by always-on voice (AOV) capability, remote controls can instead become a powerful command center to search, select and control the content, execute commands with…

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三十多年前,弗得里克·法金先生(Federico Faggin)和卡沃·米德先生(Carver Mead)从事硅方面的研究,旨在开发计算能力不逊人脑的硅片;嗣后,两位创始人创立了新突思(Synaptics,以下简称新突思)公司,旨在将这一想法走向商业化。时至今日,新突思一直致力于使机械设备能够模仿人类的认知能力。

两位联合创始人可谓是业界巨擘,当然,如今的年轻工程师可能对他们并不熟悉。弗得里克·法金先生在英特尔开发了世界上第一款商用微处理器,这为他的事业铺平了道路。随后,他与人合伙创立了Zilog,这家公司在20世纪80年代制造了家用电脑广泛应用的Z80 8位微处理器。卡沃·米德先生是加州理工学院教授,他在晶体管超大规模集成(VLSI)方面进行了开创性的研究,这是现代微芯片的关键技术。他与人合著了第一本晶体管超大规模集成教科书,这本教科书已广泛沿用了数十年。之后,他开始探索将这些晶体管作为模拟器件用来模拟生物计算系统的潜力,开创了神经形态计算领域。

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Integration with proven AI-enriched audio processing SoC delivers edge-based voice biometrics with unprecedented performance

Category: AI, Edge Computing, Voice

ID R&D, the award-winning biometric and liveness detection technology company, announced an integration with Synaptics on its VideoSmart VS600 platform that leverages SyNAP technology to enable edge computing devices to take advantage of sophisticated voice biometrics for fast and accurate user identification, authentication, and personalization. The…

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Synaptics is pleased to join Amazon in the Voice Interoperability Initiative, a program committed to providing end-users choice and flexibility to interact with multiple voice services in a single product. As a leader in far-field voice research and development, Synaptics has been investing for many years in technologies that enable a seamless user experience,…

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About AudioSmart Far-Field Voice Technology

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There are a broad variety of companies that have developed sophisticated voice service platforms including Amazon with their Alexa Voice Service (AVS), the Google Voice Assistant (GVA), Samsung’s Bixby, Apple’s Siri, Naver and NTT Docomo which are popular in Japan, SK Telecom and Korea Telecom in Korea, and Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent in China. These companies have a very complex voice-centric software platform that is customized for specific…

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