Rick Bergman Shares Perspective on the Biometrics Ecosystem

Apr 16, 2015

By Rick Bergman

Biometrics EcosystemThere’s no question that fingerprint ID technology is proliferating quickly throughout the mobile sector. IHS research suggests that the number of fingerprint sensor-enabled devices will increase from 317 million units in 2014 to 1.4 billion by 2020, and we’ll only continue to see an explosion in the demand for current and future human interface technologies.

With the help of major OEMs such as Apple, Samsung and HTC, today’s consumers are increasingly amenable to using biometrics on their mobile devices to secure data and authorize payments. End users are moving away from passwords to a more secure and human experience – fingerprint identification.

Rapid adoption of biometric authentication relies on more than just proliferation of fingerprint sensors in devices. It relies on an entire ecosystem coming together to provide a complete solution. Thought leaders in silicon development, banking and payment, operating systems, and industry standards compliance, must work together to build reliable security utilities across multiple platforms.

As fingerprint ID continues to dominate flagship mobile devices, adoption of secure online payment authentication applications such as Google Wallet and Apple Pay is also creating demand in new markets. To capitalize on this market opportunity, low- to mid-tier smartphone manufacturers are now looking into implementing the same type of fingerprint ID solutions typically found in tier-one devices, and will likely drive the adoption rate to new heights. Other growth areas for secure online payments are emerging in traditional peripherals such as keyboards and mice.

As a founding member of the Fast Identity Online (FIDO) Alliance, Synaptics recognized the need for collaboration from the beginning, but it’s the effort across partners such as PayPal, Nok Nok Labs, Microsoft, Visa and Google, that is driving simpler, stronger authentication and creating the end-to-end biometric solutions our end-users demand. While we continue to build on these partnerships, a flourishing ecosystem requires growth through a standardized alliance.

Enabling fully customizable solutions through open, scalable and interoperable mechanisms is an important first step in building the ecosystem. Yet, continued support from our partners and growth in the ecosystem needs to span component manufacturers, OEMs, software providers, service providers and end-user confidence. Ultimately this will help boost demand in new market segments and drive the future of biometric technology.

It’s exciting to think about all the different use cases for biometrics, and we envision a future where passwords are obsolete.

Rick Bergman, CEO, Synaptics

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