Five Billion Units – and Counting

Apr 17, 2017

By Rick Bergman

It seems like just yesterday that, in this same blog space, I was calling attention to a significant Synaptics milestone – the fact that we’d just shipped the four-billionth unit of our renowned human-interface solutions. In reality it was less than a year ago, and in that remarkably short time we’ve reached the next milestone – another billion units. Remember: It took Synaptics nearly 16 years to ship the first billion.

If ever there was proof of our commitment to execution, there it is!

This is a major achievement we can attribute to an unwavering commitment to our vision to lead the human interface revolution and our core values.

Three decades ago, our founders envisioned a future in which complex technology is transformed into intuitive, easy-to-use solutions. The Synaptics culture has become one of teamwork and dedication, embodied in employees from diverse backgrounds who both embrace our vision and are committed to improving the way people touch, see and interact with technology. And through the enduring connection we have with our customers, we’re able to understand their needs and develop innovative solutions to meet them.

This is how we so quickly reached the latest total of units shipped. Not coincidentally, while achieving that, we continued to rack up design wins with many of the world’s leading OEMs.

We’ve made tremendous progress as a company over the years, but we’re just scratching the surface of what we can achieve. Our history of innovation, strong culture and relentless commitment to enhancing the user experience will enable us to capitalize on emerging market opportunities, such as in the Consumer IoT space. This segment in particular is one we anticipate will help Synaptics reach the next five billion units shipped.

As these markets emerge, new technologies will be developed, new intelligent devices will be designed, and new product categories will be defined – all ripe for Synaptics’ touch, display and biometrics solutions. As we approach these new opportunities, we will apply the same discipline and success formula that’s made us the first name in human-interface solutions.

Of course, Synaptics is no stranger to industry transitions. Our legacy is replete with examples of us leading the charge: migrating input devices from trackballs to touchpads, replacing discrete-touch controllers with TDDI, and enabling users to securely authenticate themselves with a fingerprint instead of a password. Today, we’re working with our partners toward button-free devices, by removing the dedicated “home” button and integrating its functions directly into the display.

Our business is strong and, as evidenced by the ever-quickening pace with which we’re supplying our solutions to customers worldwide, Synaptics is clearly on the right track. We’re not just imagining the next big thing – we’re making it happen.

Let’s take a few minutes to celebrate this latest Synaptics milestone – one of countless achievements we’ve had and expect to experience in the future. But don’t blink, because the six-billion-unit mark will be here before you know it!